PanXchange 2016 East Africa Annual Report on Grains and beans and weekly market Reports


PanXchange, Inc. is a US-based software firm specializing in the negotiation and trade of physical commodities. Whereas derivative traders demand speed and multiple market linkages, cash market traders need order optionality, anonymity, and counterpart management without burdensome clearing fees. The company has two platforms in production: grains and pulses (beans) in East Africa and feed ingredients (grains) in the United States.  The patented platform is scalable across agriculture, energy and metals markets internationally and is built to negotiate both fixed price and basis trading. PanXchange was selected as a 2016 Innovator by the Futures Industry Association.

PXAfrica Ltd, (PXA) is a subsidiary of PanXchange, Inc. that began offering live negotiations and trading in August of 2015.  PXA has offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda. 

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In 2016, PXA had an average of over $625,000 live bids and offers under negotiation each week.

Who benefits from these reports
These reports are geared toward any entity with interests in the East African agrarian economy:  global trading businesses, food production, food security, food processing businesses affected by supply and demand in the region.  Examples include trade houses, food processors and production facilities, regional and international banking entities, venture capital firms, hedge funds, government entities, NGOs and other aid and/or philanthropic organizations. 

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Value Proposition
This is the first annual report that offers perspective on prices and trade flows in East Africa, with an emphasis on Kenya as it is the greatest consumer in the area and a hub for imports and exports.  Our member base comprises commercial farmers, associations of smallholders, trade houses, warehouse facilities and processors in Kenya, Uganda, and Northern Tanzania.  At this writing, PXAfrica is the only entity in this region with a live market with fully automated negotiation and matching logic electronically connecting supply with demand.  

 The weekly reports offer an in-depth look at recent trading activity and market factors, including weather.  See sample reports here. 


The PanXchange team that compiled this report is comprised of physical commodity experts, including in-country specialists on the ground in Nairobi and Kampala.  The Denver team is comprised of former traders and business development specialists with cumulative decades of experience compiling and analyzing the data points relevant to create a succinct historical annual snapshot of 2016 and the key factors as we look ahead to 2017.  

With both the 16-page annual report and the weekly reports, PanXchange strives to compile the most accurate curated regional summary.  It is noteworthy that when members quote a bid or an offer on the platform, it becomes a legally binding contract if accepted by a counterpart.  For clarity, there are no brokers (middle men) and no indicative-only pricing; all members have the ability to make or take delivery of the physical product.   This aspect alone creates data that is far more reliable than any brokerage or reporting agency can provide.  Moreover, with experts in-country and others at the PX home office focused on daily regional trade, the team knows how to assess veracity of external data received.  


Contents for Annual Report

  • Historical maize prices in Nairobi and upcountry in production areas
  • Nairobi pulse (beans) prices
  • Weather Summary of 2016 and a look ahead
  • Regional assessment of East Africa and South Africa, such as the impact of Sudanese buying
  • A global grains summary as it relates to East Africa
  • Charts of seasonal harvests and much more.  

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