PanXchange was founded in 2011 by a veteran trader and entrepreneur who used her own experiences in agricultural and energy markets to develop PanXchange’s trading platform. The platform provides instant market access and price discovery for all players along the commodity supply chain, from suppliers and processors to trade houses and end users. The interactive features of PanXchange’s platform are designed to make each trader’s job easier and more profitable.

In 2012, the company held a highly successful pilot launch with the world’s largest world sugar market participants. From there, the beta analytics program was launched in 2013 and the East African Grain trading pilot was launched in July, 2014, and live launched in August 2015.  

The East African trading platform, PXAfrica, is now liquid in grains, pulses and oil seeds, and spans all of the EAC as well as import and export to international markets.

In 2016, PanXchange launched a feed ingredients trading platform based in the US encompassing DDGS, wheat mids, soybean meal and hulls, and will rapidly move into feed corn, wheat, and soy.

Patents were issued in 2012 and 2013 and several remain pending.



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