Commodity Market Research & Business Development Internship



PanXchange, Inc. provides a patented web-based trading platform specializing in regional and international physical commodities. With live markets in East African agricultural products and North American frac sand, the platform is ideally suited for thin and nascent markets wherein market makers can remain anonymous while negotiating multiple contract specifications and manage their counterparts in real-time. It's discretionary pricing mechanisms and liquidity building features have won the approval of some of the world's largest commodity trading entities- from sugar and grains to NGLs and fuel oils. Please see the web site for more information about the platform, endorsements, and recent news.

PanXchange is looking for an intern with an interest in physical commodity markets and logistics.  Ideally, the candidate has prior experience in International business, data analysis, supply chain management, or commodity trading. 

Role Requirements: 

  • Excellent verbal and presentation skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft applications (excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A flexible attitude, the ability to work collaboratively
  • Knowledge of basic web development and/or databases is a plus 

 Projects May Include:

  • Build database for agricultural and energy markets, players, clusters of producer, supplier and trader activity
  • Research commodity production and forward projections to use in financial modeling and reporting
  • Update competitive landscape and assist in business plan development
  • Develop processes for efficiency in end to end client development – from identifying and targeting clients, to standardized reporting of financial progress and integrating feedback.
  • Assisting with various projects leading up to launch of new markets
  • Assist with preparation for next fundraising efforts if/when necessary

This Intern would report directly to the C-Suite team. A minimum number of daytime hours would be required in the PanXchange Denver office, but the company can accommodate the intern with a flexible schedule and independent research at the University or at home. Submit resume and cover letter through link provided below.