Market Design and Methodology

The PanXchange trading platform is a patented market structure solution that is scalable across any physical commodity market.  Each individual market is built using common negotiable (contract terms) that are further tailored to address the idiosyncrasies present in diverse physical supply chains.


Counterpart Management

Our patented counterpart management system gives traders risk management tools without costly clearing. Firms choose their trading partners and can manage relationships by payment terms and maximum exposure limits.

Instant Market Price Discovery

The marketplace gives traders real time prices, 24/7, from desktop or mobile. Traders can access real-time market information, including pricing and volume by commodity quality and geography. In a matter of seconds, traders have access to the price of a particular commodity across the entirety of the market.


Robust Trade Optionality

At the core of PanXchange’s patented order matching technology is the capability traders have to indicate multiple options for quality, shipment window and premiums or discounts for other specifications idiosyncratic to each individual cash market. Traders can bid on multiple qualities or offer shipments spread to various locations to best match their book.


Exclusive Data

PanXchange provides exclusive, real time and historical prices based on live bids and offers, recorded transactions, and assessed market values. From these prices we build benchmark values from prices for commodities around the world. For pricing information on PanXchange data packages, click here.


Live Markets

Live Markets

Panxchange Live markets

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Frac Sand Exchange


Data Reports

Data Reports

Data Reports

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Live Markets:

  • North American Frac Sand

  • East African Maize, Grains and Pulses

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